Bodies are playground

of politics and pleasure

29.9  - 21.10  2018

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lördagen den 29 september kl 18-23


BARCO Dance Collection       29 sep

Practicing Paradigm  (50 min)   13  okt   16.00

Site Specific for Nowhere       20 okt  15.00

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Dinis Machado har en bakgrund inom både dans och bildkonst och hans arbete utvecklas i mötet mellan dessa fält. Machado föddes i Porto i Portugal 1987 och bor i Stockholm sedan 2012.  Nedan finns en text på engelska som  beskriver hur han ser på  det projekt som kommer att visas på Molekyl och som både kommer att bestå av en installation och tre st  dansföreställningar.

Under öppningen på Gallerinatten kommer Machado att uppföra BARCO Dance Collection: en 4 timmar lång performance, bestående av en serie av 10 minuter långa danser, vilka beställts av 16 olika koreografer i Europa, Sydamerika och Australien.

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Bodies are playgrounds of Politics and Pleasure

By Dinis Machado (SE/PT)

Dinis Machado has an hybrid background in Dance and Visual Arts and his work develops in the crossing of this two areas. Machado was born in Porto, Portugal in 1987 and lives in Stockholm since 2012. His work unfolds from his queer identity embracing an intersectional companion-ship with culture and cripple studies.

At Molekyl Machado works on a retrospective gaze. Concrete and imagined experiments on anthropomorphic and fictional bodies are indirectly traced and sedimented in different formats: a diaristic landscape of reformulated objects, poems, photographs, clothes, videos, letters, experiments and dances that echoes the precarious materialisation of a blooming queerness in an economic crisis of a moralising catholic environment. The exhibition consists of a permanent installation and three different performances happening weekly in the gallery.

During the opening of the exhibition, during the Gallery Night, Dinis will perform BARCO Dance Collection: a 4h performance consisting of a series of 10 minutes dances commissioned to 16 different choreo-graphers in Europe, South America and Australia."

Installation:  29 Sept to  21 Oct


BARCO Dance Collection       29 Sep

Practicing Paradigm  (50 min)     13 Oct       16.00

Site Specific for Nowhere       20 Oct  15.00

PRACTICING PARADIGM (50 min) is a version of the solo PARADIGM where the score of the work is revisited without its scenography, costume and objects.

Without all the material environment of the original performance the work is recalled exclusively through the body. This version develops in dialogue with the choreographic resolution of this structural absences and through the ways they get sedimented in the movement itself: withdrawing the object that structurally conditions the body, movement is then looked at as an abstraction in space, and reactivated not through a mimetic replacement of the absent situation but through a re-grounding of the abstracted movement in the concrete situations of the specific space where this revisitation is happening.   Without their sources, movements that had a functional nature, now become transformed into an abstract but concrete dance of weight, pressure, touch and vibration.

PRACTICING PARADIGM, created by Dinis Machado in collaboration with musicians Hanna Kangassalo, Erik Sjölin and Robert Tenevall, and dance collaborator Vicky Malin. Originally created in partnership with Dance4 for the Lace Market Gallery (Nottingham, UK)

In Site Specific for Nowhere Dinis Machado revisits a series of practices from his previous works where he explores materialist ideas of citizenship.


Machado explores a spiral structuralist revisitation of walking and standing activities where stepping is multiplied and unfolded into a densified activity, some kind of hiper active restatement of being here, belonging here, as a material event more then a conceptual truth. A gesture that becomes an activity. From stepping into an anarchist dance that unfolds a blurry uncanny identity. This quite pedestrian activity developed into a dance or a ritual where movement dwells and maps sets of relations with a space where the performance is happening. A site specific for nowhere. A performance that can happen in any space not because it ignores it but because it lives of its encounter with it. The performance exists of an early history with this space that is drawn through the performance in a continuous process of dwelling. A paradoxical gesture of autonomy and inscription. A movement that exists within the body while grounding in it’s context. Claiming to be here stops being a rhetorical argument to become an irrefutable evidence.

Performance originally commissioned by Material Fatigue / Norbergfesti-val 2017 curated by Frida Sandström (SE) and Aleksei Borisionok (BY)