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T.K.M  Transformera! - Komponera! - Musicera!

Consert, Friday 30.7, 19.30 


"In the woods of Gettnabo" 

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21 May - 13 June   2021

Digital album release on Shameless Records 21-06-04

Come here dust and hair

Sound Piece 2021
Text Litó Walkey
Music Boris Hauf
Digital Audio File 27 minutes

Reading Companion 2021 

Text Litó Walkey
Printing & Editing Moa Franzén

8 Digitized Riso Prints 

You are invited to access Come here dust and hair as a sound piece and as a reading companion. Listening is recommended with headphones in a place, time and possible movement of your choice. Reading is recommended on a bigger screen. Reading and listening can take place independently and/or simultaneously.

The imaginative space between a piece of language and an intersection of commonly overlooked details in the environment is treated like a strange object that opens a distinct process of observation. Acting as both host and instigator, Litó Walkey deals with the generative space among memory, presence and collective thinking. The listener is made complicit in a site of attention qualified by more than a single identifiable subject. Multiple intervals of return foreground the co-inhabitation of temporal, acoustic, spacial, physical and associative debris.

The work presented here is based on Come here dust and hair, a performance by Litó Walkey at Fylkingen, Stockholm 2018, with music by Boris Hauf and light design by Dinis Machado.

Many thanks to Florian Feigl, Asaf Aharonson, Kai Merke, Anne Schuh and Sophia New, to Weld Company Extended 2017 with whom the title of this work was generated, and to Boris Hauf and Alice Chauchat for seeing things with me.

The reading companion: 

16 April - 16 May  2021 



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Molekyl gallery restarting ... but instead of ordinary exhibitions there will be a work in progress for 4 months by art collaboration project "Rymdprogrammet" (the space program). Ceramics by Charlotta Bellander and an electronical soundpiece by Magnus Wassborg will be the first subjects of the workshop. In May there will be a digital presentation of works by Berlin based, perfomance artist and choreographer Litó Walkey and during the summer a workshop and consert series by "Transformera-Komponera-Musicera". Rymdprogrammet is administrated by Johan Sandström and Mats Andersson. More info to come. 

Installation photos 21-05-03

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