Elizabeth Ashley Fox works with abstract, conceptual paintings and objects on an intimate scale. Each work is composed of different materials, colors, surfaces and containing it own expressions. Some familiar and unfamiliar, that have come into being. When exhibited they are presented in carefully composed combinations, organized within the specific wall and space. The wall and the room itself becomes an installation.

Scale plays a vital role. All the work are purposely small and the pieces can function on their own or as a group activating a large space. By using order, placement and repetition it creates either a chaos or order in any given installation.

The elements in the work create an importance of materiality, surface, color, scale and design. The process of how the work is constructed become elements of the work itself. The structures, created of fragile materials, once completed are stronger than the initial state. Each material has a significance and symbolizes something personally.

Elizabeth Ashley Fox was born in Louisville, Kentucky. She received her MFA from Parsons School of Design, New York, NY in 2000 and a BFA from Memphis College of Art, Memphis, TN in 1997. Ms. Fox has exhibited widely in the US and is the recipient of The Trustee Fellowship Award from Parsons. This is her first solo exhibition in Malmø. She lives and work in Copenhagen.